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The process of expanding any business into a new market goes through three distinct stages: Research, Strategy, and Development. Serend leverages an extensive network of resources to guide your company through each of these stages to success.


Market Research & Feasibility Study:  The market landscape in Japan and Asia is unique and it can be challenging to find your niche—even for products that are successful elsewhere. As the first step to market entry, Serend conducts market research and feasibility studies to assess how your product fits into the target market.


Market-entry Strategy:  Once your product’s position in the target market has been pinned down, we will develop a market-entry strategy that includes tactics for organizational development, local alliances (strategic alliances, joint development, joint ventures, investment, etc.), sales and marketing, and operations.


Product and Sales Channel Development, PR and Marketing Strategy:  Products often need to be customized or recast for Japanese and Asian markets, and local partnerships may provide the foothold necessary to flourish overseas.  Serend will help you adapt your product to the target market, build alliances with complementary local business partners, and develop the most advantageous sales channel.  We will then use our expertise to execute an effective marketing and PR program to maximize your results.

Serend – We make serendipity happen.

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